Our customers say about our production:

Hi Ivan,
 Just wanted to let you know that the Queen puppet was delivered to me and she looks FANTASTIC!
 I can’t thank you and any that worked on her creation enough. I received multiple compliments on her from my co-workers. So I know our audiences will be spellbound by her appearance.
 I will try to send you a show picture of the Queen in action. And I’ll probably be contacting your company in the near future for another puppet order.
 Take care and many thanks again!
 Derek Cooper
about exclusive Queen of hearts puppet.

Thank you so much for your excellent service and the wonderful puppets you make. I loved using your reindeer over Christmas in my Mrs Claus show My new  Dog arrived safely and I cannot wait to work with him in my show. I have renamed him Mylo the Magic Dog and as you can see below he cannot wait to get to work.

Thank you once again 
Shirley Ray (United Kingdom)

about Bobby the Dog and Reindeer puppet

Ivan and Maria,

Thank you so very much.  Your work is extremely good, and sooo realistic. I really love MR Willy (Westie) and Mr. Toad.
I know now that you are the master craftman for hand puppets.

I would definately recommend "Pavlov Puppets" to anyone who desires a trully professional hand-made puppet.

Take care and God bless.

Stephen Skelly, USA

about Wesly the Dog

Ivan I have received the puppets.
They are amazing! Perfect! I will send you some action photos as soon as I perform with them.
Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
about Willy puppet , Leonel puppet , and Big Terry

Name: Brad


Ivan & Maria,

let me start by saying thank you. My friend ordered me the owl puppet from your site for christmas, and I recieved him before new years, which, considering I live in australia, is pretty quick :) Since "Milo" has  come, I have taken him on hospital visits and to pre-scools, and he is a hit with the kids. my mum has even "adopted" him into the family. I can't wait to get you to do my custom order, and will purchase from you again in the future. So from myself, and the kids of bli bli prep, and all the kids in Nambour General hospital: "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts"

about Owl puppet

Hallo Ivan,

i get your puppets on Friday. THANK YOU FOR THESE WONDERFULL PUPPETS. I never have sawn better work.

Mag. Manfred Witt

about Cockroach and Albert the Rabbit puppets.

Hi Ivan,
Just a quick note to say thanks for the excellent and speedy service.
The puppet arrived yesterday in time for her first performance and she was a huge hit.
Once again it is a pleasure to see how much care and thought has gone into a customers request and I hope that we will buying again from you soon.
All the best 
Craig Harris
Oldham Theatre Workshop, UK

about Lea Black woman puppet.

Message: Greetings,

Hi, my name's Paul Pistore. I work with Brian Seward at "I Theatre" in Singapore as their puppet master.
I've been building and performing puppets in TV and Film in the US for nearly 20 years.
Here's a link to a few of my puppets and a recent production of the Wizard of Oz we did here at I Theatre:

We ordered a couple of puppets from you a few weeks ago. I Just want to say, I'm thoroughly impressed with you puppets and service.
First) Your puppets are by far the best I've seen from a pre-built puppet company. They perform well and were obviously constructed with puppeteers in mind.
I have to add, the Duck is adorable with lots of personality and the chicken, while a bit tight in the beak, is a truly good looking puppet. The details on both are really nice and add to their professional look.

Second) We needed them on short notice (This is actually the reason I didn't build them myself) and you really came through. Thank You!

I will definitely recommend your puppets to others who need professional quality puppets. You can bet we'll order from you again.

If you find yourself in Singapore, please give me a call.

Take Care,

about Henry theFrog puppet and customized Horse puppet

Ivan and Maria, thank you very much for the beautiful grasshopper puppet.  He arrived today and is just perfect for our ministry.  I will send you a photo when I return from a trip to California.  Thanks again for designing this puppet for us.  If he has a name please let us know.  Judy
about Grasshopper puppet

Dear Ivan and Maria,  
I've just completed my summer shows which starred the purple ant puppet you madefor me  The quality and artistry of your work truly made an impact on my audiences.  So many people commented after the show on the expression and "alive quality" of the puppet.  The kids roared with laughter as soon as I brought her out. It was a joy to perform with and I look forward to my next Pavlov's Puppet. 
Thanks for being so easy to work with and for delivering an outstanding character.

Attached is a photo and if you'd like to view a clip of the ant in action, here's a youtube link:  

Steve Petruzzella

about Ant puppet

Hi Guys!
Sheep Puppet arrived this week, and she is amazing.  I can't wait to begin working with her.  I have plans to expand the program to incorporate several more puppets, and I will be placing the orders with you.  Your work is amazing, and you have my thanks,
Geoffrey Newland.

about Sheep puppet

Dear Ivan and Maria Pavlov:
    I want to thank you for the beautiful craftmanship on the parrot you sold to us in March/April of this year! We have named him Pinkerton and he has been entertaining hundreds of young children and their families this summer! I am sure we will do business again! Thank you very, very much!

Maria A. Rivers
Encore International, Inc.

Red parrot puppet

The puppet I received is an Einstein character.
I call him Dr. Noah Tall. Think about it.
I have had an idea for this type of character for a long time, so I knew right away I wanted this puppet when I saw it.
The quality is excellent. The puppets from Pavlov's are all hand made. Sculpted in foam and covered with a fleece material and then hand painted.
They are very lightweight and easy to use, There is a unique "knob" inside the head above the upper mouth that your hand rests comfortably on, and an elastic strap inside on the lower mouth to slip your thumb into. This gives the performer a very solid hold on the puppet and makes the mouth a joy to work.

As many of you know, I'm 6' 9" tall and have fairly large hands. My hand fits easily and comfortably into the puppet.
They make a large variety of characters - people, birds, animals.
I'm from the old school and have generally always performed with hard figures. I'm sure I've changed my mind to a degree now and will also be using this very nice Pavlov's soft puppet in my show from now on.
These are professional puppets all the way, and priced extremely competitively for a puppet of this quality.

Ventriloquist Lee Cornell (
about Einstein

Randy the Reindeer has been a huge hit over Christmas. We have done Christmas parties, visited nursing homes, read The Night Before Christmas for kids and rang bells for The Salvation Army kettles. Tomorrow, we have a church service at a local nursing home.
Both Horton and Randy are without a doubt the best puppets I have ever used. They are colourful, big eyes that make contact with an audience; they are light to carry which makes them perfect for walk around shows.
All the best to you and your family!
Ventriloquist Neale Bacon and his Crazy Critters
about Reindeer puppet and Pig puppet

Hello Ivan,   I receive today my Monkey, it's great it's exactly what I want THANK YOU !!!! I send you a photo when I work with my beautifull new monkey. Sincerely Yours   David Bouet (France)
about Monkey puppet,Chimpanzee

I received my Meg puppet last Friday and I couldn't be happier!  She is gorgeous!!!!  Thank you soooooo much!!!
Thanks. Joelene P. Brzezinski (USA)
about Meg

Hi! i receive this beautiful puppet today! I'm very happy. Fantastic puppet! Thanks a lot! Regards. Patrice Heraud (France)
about Shark puppet

Dear Ivan, The dog arrived last week but I've been too busy to respond.  Thank you so very much!!!! Your craftsmanship is fantastic.  I love the way you incorporated the wolf eyebrow with the hound dog puppet.  The blue color was perfect.  I may be ordering another one just like it as a back up.  Thanks again!!!! -Mark Makin   
about Dog puppet with custimization

Puppet just arrived. He's as cute as he can be. Lots of character-very well made.
Arthur L. Miller

about Penguin puppet

we recieved marlin today and he is hillarious. he is very well put together, and we are very happy with him. thank you
judy johnson

about Marley puppet


I just wanted to let you knwo that the dog puppet arrived yesterday.  He is absolutely adorable! It's been wonderful buying from you, and I look forward to doing so again in the future.  I have left you positive feedback and I trust you will do the same for me. 

Joan Williamson

about Stuffed Dog puppet

Oh Ivan...the puppet is truely wonderful...SUCH a personality...the lashes are perfect.
I will  dust her cheeks ( do ostrichs have cheeks? ) with a lttle blush and then introduce her to my friends at the nursing home Friday. She is a VERY good match for my personallity!!!

  I find  the workmanship to be remarkable!!!!  I thank you for everything you've done to get her to me!   Incidently, my choral group is    singing a work by a  composer from your country...             
The Celebration Mass by Karel Ruzicka
  It will be the highlight of our concert in May.!!!   Take good care and thanks  again for everything,           

about Ostrich puppet

Dear Ivan,
this is to let you know that I received the Parrot
Puppet today, Feb 5th. Very, very nice design and
construction! I build my own and also purchase from
commercial builders and this one is top notch! As soon
as I have a photo up on my web site, I will let you
know. Thank you; great job!

Pam Spence (

about Red parrot puppet

Hi Ivan and Maria,  
Just received my yellow duck today.
  He's fantastic.
As soon as I have some photos taken, I will be sure to forward one on to you.  
Thank you for your excellent service and speedy delivery.
I look forward to dealing with you in the future.  
Sincerely,   Glenn Hamilton. (
(Glenn the MagicMan)

about Duck puppet

Hi Ivan,

Just got the cat, Brilliant, very well made, very happy


about Cat puppet

Dear PavlovsPuppet ,
I have receive my puppets and I can't tell how happy I am with them.
You guys and gals are the best. I will put them to good use for JESUS.

Eddie Kirkland



Hi Ivan and Maria

I just recieved the Dog.  What can I say??!!!  It is beautiful!.  It is
amazing.  It is so expressive.  Myself and my kids have been playing
with it all morning.  It is so very well made that you guys deserve a
puppet making oscar.  I am going to have to put it away soon and remind
myself that I bought it for WORK and not to PLAY with.  I have ten pro
puppets and this is now my favourite.  I will be ordering from you again
very soon.


Dean Atkinson, Australia

about Dog puppet

Got the puppet today - wow, that was fast! He is great!
I've left positive feedback and hope you will do the same. Thanks for the discount offer.
I've been spending a lot getting my new show up - but when I look for future pieces I will definitely come to you!
Thanks again,

about Monkey puppet,Chimpanzee .


Hi Ivan,
       I just wanted you to know that the puppet has arrived.
  It is beautiful!  I am a puppet builder myself and a collector of puppets.
  I choose puppets from people whose work I admire.
  I am glad I ordered this puppet from you.  You are a very good builder.
  You can see some of my work at
       - Kanja Chen,


about Dog puppet.


THanks Ivan,
I received the puppets and was very impressed with the quality and 
construction of them you guys did an incredible job getting these 
built at an unbeatable price and delivered a quality product in 
record time!!! THANKS-A-MILLION!!! You guys are wonderful I hope to 
be able to collaborate with you more in the future.

Thanks again,
Kendal Miller, USA

about presents puppets made for Christian video.

Message: Ivan,
Received the monkey today. Another fantastic puppet! Thanks again so very much.

Shawn Patrello
Dallas, TX USA

about Monkey puppet,Chimpanzee .


"I received Rudi (ah, sorry Ed) today. I have to say, that he is more beautiful and excellent that I hoped, unbelievable! Well done, I am very excited. It was a pleasure for me to order from you. Thank you. I will send you a picture some day with me and Rudi performing.

Many thanks"
Christoph Quernheim, ventriloquist,


Dear Ivan and Maria,
                             Your puppets and your service have both
been excellent. Please take a look at my theater's website   Take a look also where it references "The Unusual
Suspects". I hope you enjoy the photos of your work.

I have happily referenced both you and your company in every newspaper
interview and in our program. The show opens tomorrow December 2.
Again, I thank you and applaud your talent.

                                  Yours, Bill Hughes


"Just wanted to let you know that Mikky and the pink pelican arrived and I LOVE them.They are the best puppets of that type I have ever purchased.Your ball grip gives me amazing control and they are simply adorable.No one but you has made puppets with wired hands and such cute toes.I wanted a barefoot puppet for my missions trip and couldn't find one in the states.You're the best! Thank you so much!"
God Bless.

Laurette Hoagland,


"I like him even more in person.The face is great and the hands are terrific. Mechanisms are easy to use.Thank you for all your attention to detail and quality workmanship."

James Wedgwood, ventriloquist,


"The puppets arrived today and made the journey just fine.They are very welcome and delightful characters.Thank you so much for making them and for sharing them with me.They are so appealing and nice to manipulate."

Joanne Ryder,


"Today I received the Adam and Eve. I very like the puppets and hope that we shall work to gather. I have another projects like these puppets. I really trust you and I think I will send you the story with the book and you decide how to make the puppets and decoration "

Shimon Henig,
"Bubima" puppet theatre, director.

"It is a great figure, dramatic expression. Good size, too. Quick, easy, reliable service. Highly recommended, very good, thank you! "

Stevo Schuling, ventriloquist,


"Hello Maria!I am amazed!You are a true artist! I never thought the deer would look that realistic.As far as the overall look goes, you've nailed it perfectly. In fact, you have exceeded my expectations well beyond what I thought was possible for this project. I cannot thank you enough for your incredible efforts." "The puppet added so much drama to the scene you
won't believe it. Everyone who's seen the film thinks the deer is REAL!"

Casey Crow,
independent Film Maker,

"Great work! You are very talented. He is better than I planned. I have tried him out with people and they really say that you made him look so lifelike. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future. I am going through a recent hardship. (...) I am glad Ahmad came at this time. Him will help keep my spirits up. God Bless You."

Kenden Dean,
puppeteer, USA


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