Welcome to making your custom orders with us!


We consider individual orders as important part of our work.
Your order will be made on highest professional and artistic level.

Contact us with your request and we will let you know
about possibility of making your custom puppet and price!

If you can not find the puppet you are looking for in our shop and you do not need this puppet
to be exclusive we will make the puppet for you for our regular price.

If you need exclusive one of a kind puppet we will charge additionally a copyright fee.

Any of our puppets can be customized. Size of the puppets can be changed.
Some cutomizations are free (facial or color changes, hand entrance back/bottom, blacklight, etc).

If you would like to customize one of our existing characters and want to keep
those customizations exclusive, you will be charged reduced copyright fee.
and you will receive the puppet with FULL rights Certificate on your customizations.

Time and conditions of work are individual for every project and should be discussed.
When your puppet will be ready we will send you pictures of the puppet.
So that you can watch and make sure you will receive what you want.


Examples of custom puppets. 

Exclusive Cat puppet. 15.12.21
Made for Terry Moman (USA).

Exclusive Platypus puppet. 
Made for Jason Rogers (Australia).
Exclusive COVID puppet. 
Made for Jimmy Delp (France).

Exclusive mini Rabbit puppet. 
Made for Celine Fiaudrine (France).
Exclusive Sea star puppet. 
Made for Joren Van Erve (Netherlands).

Exclusive Sea star puppet. 
Made for Joren Van Erve (Netherlands).
Exclusive Sloth puppet.
Made for CHEDEVILLE Murielle (France)

Exclusive dragon cub puppet.
Made for Janelle Solari (USA).

Exclusive custom puppet.
Made for Derek Cooper (USA).

Exclusive Queen of hearts puppet.
Made for Derek Cooper (USA).

Exclusive woman puppet.
Made for Kai Hartelt (Germany)

4 Exclusive puppets. Made for Drew Bates (USA).


Exclusive cow puppets.
Made for Cori Chertoff (USA).

Exclusive Pig puppet. 
Made for Mark Beckwith (USA).

Exclusive Jerboa puppet.
Made for
Jill Larson (USA).

Exclusive Dr Ruth and opossum puppets. Made for Sylvia Fletcher (USA).

 Exclusive Kevin and Sloth puppets. Made for Marc Griffiths (UK).

Exclusive sheepdog puppet.
Made for Tim Mottram, The puppet Gang (UK).

Exclusive Mummy puppet.
Made for Vance S. Dykes (USA)

Exclusive yellow Elephant and Turtle  puppets, made for wonderful children book writer Julie Dart (USA). 


Nikolas and Serge puppets created for Christian Gabriel (France).

Click for more pictures and info.  

  Dr. Rabbit puppet with realistic teeth for Colgate-Palmolive Company.
  Dr. Rabbit puppet created from picture on page www.colgate.com

Exclusive Rabbit puppet, made from our sketch for Manfred Witt (Austria).


Boy and Girl, exclusive puppets created for Marianela Belloso (USA) from 3D pictures.


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