Ruddy the dog animatronics puppet (moveable eyes)            Ruddy without moveable eyes
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Ruddy the dog

$645 USD

€575 EUR 




Ruddy the dog, professional foam puppet.
22"(56cm) tall. Weight is very light.
Movable mouth.
Moveable eyes (animatronics).

Moveable eyes are now available with new electronic system. Two buttons are placed where you finger are, inside of the puppet's mouth (see the diagram). Right button turns the eyes right, left button turns the eyes left. When you don't push any button the eyes look straight.

The hand entrance is at the back.
Ruddy the dog, is a professionally designed puppet so it is easy to use and perform with for professional puppeteers, amateurs and children as well.
The puppet has convenient grip control for the mouth.
This puppet is made out of foam and covered with fleece.

Customization of this puppet is possible.
contact us with your request.

Without moveable eyes this puppet
available for $395 USD / €355 EUR.

Video of animatronics movable eyes


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Ruddy without moveable eyes 

$395 USD

€355 EUR